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Once a month I undertake a trawl to try and identify legal or illegal usage. The legal is when pics are used in reviews that have been distributed by licence users. The illegal usage is either when those that legally have files but use them out of context with the license, or when images are screenshots from my websites or social media. On these occasions, more often from Far East companies, users seem unworried about watermarking. To be honest contacting these companies is rather like writing to Father Christmas.

Many bloggers seem to think that inserting ‘All rights reserved’ excuses usage. Bloggers need to understand that photographers can sue not only for a usage fee, but also for breach of copyright. This can amount to up to £5,000. This one, which appears to be from a legally held file used illegally and is of The Ghost Train at Jack Studio Theatre in London, I am inclined to ignore.

AUTHOR - Tony Nandi

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