Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker: Rosas_ Golden Hours

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This was a challenging one that really raised a difficult quandary for the performance photographer. It was (I believe – I had to leave early)a 45 mins call at the front end of a dress run. The first ten minutes was group walking, very slowly, on an open stage with all over relatively flat light. It is difficult for the photographer to determine how this would work for an audience. But of course we have a different perspective as we are trying to create an interesting (marketable) image out of a three-d, moving production. So inevitably one feels irritated. After ten minutes or so some more dynamic stuff started happening, clearly following a narrative. This was aided by some text projected up-stage, with excerpts from Shakespeare’s As You Like It. It is difficult for us to read the text, as we are focused on the dancers.
So this ramble is about the dilemma: Press calls offer anything from 50secs (!) to full-length (occassionally) content, so it is rare for photographers to understand the context, or importantly, to see what the audience sees and experiences. The choreographer does not have us as a priority either when creating the piece or when cajoled into have us there in the first place. Sometimes photographers are perceived as a necessary evil.
In the event I was left wanting to see the whole piece, because this is a time-based media and clearly that is what is intended.


AUTHOR - Tony Nandi

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